The Death And Life of Red Henley


The new novel from Philip Wilding

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  • 11 Jan Love remains, though everything is lost

      Memories fall towards you sometimes, like brown leaves out of the blue of the sky. The thunder of drums coming through the wall backs...

  • 04 Jan In the teeth of winter

    The wind comes in hard at your thighs, it makes little impression, but leaves your fingers numb. You’ve long given up on feeling your ...

  • 15 Jun Red, Rush And A Head Full Of Stars (the Manchester edit)

    The train pushed north through rods of rain and a headwind that could make your teeth rattle. The passing countryside a smear of greens and ...

  • 17 Jul Red in the City That Burns

    It seems odd to be poring over the bones of New York City in 1980 when I’m sitting on the slowly lifting and falling dock of a lake on...

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A random assortment of pointed musings plucked from a rather fetching hat – by messers Jupitus & Wilding.

Cross Country

Murder Song

“There is more than a touch of David Lynch about Wilding’s road trip across America…Compelling, sophisticated writing” (Guardian)

“Its palette is bible-black, and the country is skewed, from right to left, positive to negative. This is a worrying book, like a worm inside my brain. I like such books” (Independent)

“A rising star” (Sunday Telegraph)

“A black marble index of murder and pain that grips and doesn’t ever let you go” (James Dean Bradfield, Manic Street Preachers)

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