The Death And Life Of Red Henley (due 2018)



A contemporary noir novel set against the decaying façade of 1980’s New York and a religious commune staked out in the Tennessee countryside.


Meet Detective Louis Green, the strangely gifted socialite Robert Walker who stalks Manhattan’s upper reaches, the Rev James Bulley sequestered away in his Soho basement calling God down to wash away the sins of the world and Red Henley, a presence rarely seen, but never out of sight.


Red’s murder sets Green on a path of self-discovery if not redemption. As 1980 unfurls, Green discovers a direct line back from modern day New York City to a religious commune in the Tennessee countryside decades earlier and the story of two boys housed there who would experience a horrific tragedy that would become the spark that sets the fire in the towers and backstreets of Manhattan some twenty years later.


As he follows the killer’s trail, Green finds a city filled with murderous deeds, the corrupting influence of absolute power and the madness that both love and faith can bring. With one question remaining: what draws Bulley, Walker and Red together?

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Cross Country Murder Song (2010)



On a journey from the Jersey Shore to the Pacific Ocean the driver crosses an America twisted beyond all recognition, pursued by ghosts of his traumatic past, and by the police, who have discovered the horrifying secrets of his basement.


On and off the road, we glimpse the lives of people who are touched by the driver in one way or another – a porn star who can no longer perform; a widower looking for love; two parents who return day after day to the spot where their son was killed. The driver meddles, mixes and murders, heading towards his own macabre realisation of the American Dream.

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Threepenny Memoir: The Lives of a Libertine (2010)



The extraordinary life and times of Carl Barat, Libertine.

From his childhood in suburban Basingstoke, through times of literally being down and out in London and Paris, to success as one of the co-founders of one of Britain’s most revered bands, Carl Barat has gone through the glass darkly as bands fell apart around him, friendships faltered and egos and hedonism threatened to pull his life apart.


Unputdownable’ Q Magazine

‘Very honest, likeable…an appealing roughness’ Metro